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Apr 3rd, 2017

Stop the shameful deportation of Kentish Town’s Stoly Jankovic

By Rachel Whalley

Petition starter Neil demands an immediate stay of deportation for Stojan Jankovic to allow him time to instruct lawyers, so that his case to remain in the UK can be heard.  Already, thousands of people from Camden have signed it, and it’s been covered in the national press, but there’s only 24 hours left before a decision is made.

Stojan Jankovic, better known to his countless friends across Camden as “Stoly”, was taken to a detention centre in Dorset without warning on the 30th March and is due to be deported from the UK as early as the 4th April.

Stoly has given fifteen years of his life to serving the people of Camden as the much-loved face of Earth, Kentish Town’s long-established wholefood store. To his colleagues and neighbours, his customers and fellow Kentish Town workers, he simply represents the very best of Britain and of Camden: hard work, self-deprecating humour, and a dedication to helping others.

We are horrified and ashamed that instead of celebrating Stoly’s contribution to our country and community, the government is seeking to deport him hurriedly and with barely a nod to due process.

Sign the petition here

Campaign Update:

The petition was delivered to the Home Office at 12 noon on 3 April. Around 2pm, we learned from Keir Starmer MP, who has been tireless in his support for Stoly, that a 14-day stay of his deportation order has been granted. This does not mean that his situation is resolved, but the extension does at least allow him time to instruct his lawyers and prepare his legal case. We will continue to keep you posted, including ways that Stoly may need your further support over the coming days and weeks.

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