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Apr 12th, 2017

Save Somerset Learning Disability Services

By Rachel Whalley

People in Somerset with learning disabilities could be facing their care homes being shut and job cuts to those who support them. Vulnerable people are being let down and left out. That’s because the council are planning big cuts to these services next year. So Daniel started a petition on the 38 Degrees website to stop the cuts.

Somerset is having elections in May and if the petition reaches 5000 signatures before then, the council will have to debate it – meaning none of the councillors will be able to hide from the issue. Together, we can make sure that every candidate knows that, if they want to win, they need to stand up for vulnerable people in Somerset.

So will you add your name? It only takes 30 seconds, and could make sure that those with learning disabilities in Somerset get the care they rely on.

Sign the petition here

The people who rely on these services know exactly what these cuts would mean for them. John, who has autism and attends one of the threatened centres four days a week, said:

“The service gives me an opportunity to meet new friends and receive the support I need – there is nowhere else to go. I feel I have been kept in the dark and I fear they are going to isolate us all.”

We’ve stopped these kinds of cuts before. Just last month, when thousands of us spoke out, the threat of cuts to Disabled Children’s Services in Carmarthenshire was withdrawn. Thanks to 38 Degrees members like you, we saved those services from the chop – and we can do it here in Somerset too.

If you agree that councils shouldn’t abandon the people who need them most, add your name to the petition now.

Sign the petition here

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