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Apr 12th, 2017

Tweet Tracey Crouch – Get tough on gambling companies!

By Rachel Whalley

Gambling companies are pushing addictive betting machines – dubbed the crack cocaine of gambling – and failing to protect children. An investigation funded by 38 Degrees members has revealed that bookies fail to do age checks on young people, putting them at risk of devastating gambling addictions.

Tracey Crouch, the Minister responsible for gambling, is currently considering a crackdown on the bookies. But she’s under pressure from well-organised lobbyists to back down. We can make sure that she listens to the evidence and public opinion – and does the right thing.

The 38 Degrees investigation is in the papers today. If enough of us tweet Tracey Crouch and ask her to read the investigation, it will add to the pressure on her to crack down on harmful betting machines.

Will you tweet to Tracey Crouch? It’ll take just a few seconds.

Tweet her here

If you don’t have Twitter, why not share the petition – calling on Tracey Crouch to get tough on gambling companies – with your family and friends? The more of us who sign it the louder our voice will be, and if all of us share it with just one person it could double in size overnight! You can use this link here: https://link.38degrees.org.uk/petitionshare

The 38 Degrees investigation involved sending young people into over 100 betting shops, to test if they got asked for ID before gambling on betting machines. The young people had their ages checked less than 40% of time – proving that bookies are relaxed about children using these dangerous betting machines.

Betting machines ruin lives and tear families apart. They’re designed to be addictive and you can gamble up to £100 every 20 seconds. 38 Degrees member Tony knows this all too well. His addiction cost him his wife, his son and his job. He started gambling as a child. Now he has joined thousands of people, like you, asking the government to take action.

Gambling companies have had their way for too long. They almost faced a crackdown a few years ago but then their lobbyists got David Cameron to change his mind. Now we’ve got another chance, so let’s make sure the government sticks to its plan this time. If thousands of us tweet Tracey Crouch today, she’ll know she has to take action.

Please can you tweet Tracey Crouch now?

Tweet her here

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