More funding for our schools

School children across the country are facing a crisis. Theresa May wants to cut some schools’ budgets, and that could mean fewer teachers, packed-out classrooms and crumbling buildings. One school’s already so strapped for cash that parents are having to clean the school toilets.

But Conservative MPs have started to break ranks and speak out against the plans in public. And that spells trouble for the government’s budget cuts. The last thing Theresa May wants is a huge public fuss just before an election.

If 100,000 of us add our names to a huge petition, it’ll show Theresa May that we won’t go away until all schools get the money they need. It could be enough to convince her to scrap the cuts.

The government wants to change the way school budgets are set, taking money from some schools to give to others. But there are no real winners. Independent experts say that because government spending on education hasn’t kept up with rising pupil numbers, inflation and running costs, schools are having to slash their spending to keep afloat.

There are few things more important than a child’s education. Decent schools and dedicated teachers mean that all children can get a fair shot at success. Budget cuts put that at risk.

It’d be impossible for any one of us to convince Theresa May alone. But if we come together in our thousands, we can stop our schools being starved of cash.

Please can you sign the petition right now? It takes less than a minute:

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