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Jun 9th, 2017

General Election 2017: What’s next?

By Katie Edwards

At 6am this morning, the 38 Degrees staff team sat down to try to make sense of the general election result.

I don’t know about you, but I was pretty surprised it’s a hung parliament. I’m still trying to decide exactly what to do next – and I’d like your help with that.

As 38 Degrees-ers, our strength comes from the fact there are millions of us, and we choose our campaigns together. We don’t make these decisions alone.

This morning’s result gives 38 Degrees more opportunities to shape the future of our country than if one party was the clear winner. Future votes in parliament will be closer. MPs will be forced to listen harder to us, their voters.

But this opportunity is also a responsibility. We have a chance to influence our democracy and together we should take it.

Please can you take a couple of minutes to say what you think 38 Degrees should do next. Let’s start with how you’re feeling about the election result?










38 Degrees-ers come from all kinds of backgrounds and political viewpoints. That diversity is a superpower. And already 38 Degrees members have been sharing opinions and ideas on the result. Here are just a few comments from the 38 Degrees facebook page.

“OMG! What a state of affairs” – Elizabeth

“A country for all is what we need” – Kerry

“We’re all in it together. Let’s work together” – Ray

“Exciting times ahead!” – Maria

You may feel unsettled by the result. Or you may feel excited. Confident, or unsure. But one thing is certain: when 38 Degrees members come together we have real power and we can make real change happen.

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