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Jun 11th, 2017

The DUPs views have no place in our government

By Katie Edwards

To stay as Prime Minister, Theresa May needs the votes of MPs from a Northern Irish party called the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP). There’s a risk this hands the DUP too much power – and that the DUP could use this power to impose their dangerous views on climate change, abortion, or gay rights.

Negotiations are happening right now. A debate is raging within the Conservative Party about what to offer the DUP. One Conservative big-hitter has already suggested a deal with the DUP could mean a vote on restricting women’s right to have an abortion.

Let’s prove that the public won’t accept any coalition deal that attacks women’s rights, or same-sex marriage, or action on climate change. A huge petition now will prove just how unpopular such a deal would be.

Please can you sign the urgent petition now?

Sign the petition here

Only 0.9% of people voted for the DUP. They’ve only got 10 MPs. Their worldview – as climate change deniers, and as opponents of abortion and same sex marriage – just isn’t that popular in 21st century Britain.

But Theresa May doesn’t have enough MPs on her own. So there’s a real risk the DUP hold her to ransom, and impose hardline views on the rest of us. Public pressure is urgently needed to make sure Theresa May knows she can’t put abortion, climate change, or same-sex marriage on the negotiating table.

Thousands of people have already signed the petition. Here’s some of the reasons they’re giving:

“These people hold views dangerous not only to UK but to the world. There is no place for such narrow-minded, backward thinking in our government.” – Lynda

“The DUP’s views on abortion, climate change and LGBT rights have no place in a First World country in the 21st Century. They are a minor fringe party and they should not be allowed to influence the properly elected majority party.” – Dave W

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