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Jun 22nd, 2017

Have a Field Day: why we care about parks

By James Austin

It is clear that 38 Degrees members are passionate about protecting our parks, and committed to keeping green spaces open and available to everybody. Because whether you use them to have a nice walk, meet friends, exercise or relax, parks are vital for our health and the wildlife in our towns. But squeezed council budgets could see them closed down, sold off or plain neglected.

Over the last few years, 38 Degrees has been campaigning to save our parks.

Like last summer when over 323,000 people joined the campaign calling on the government to protect our parks and give them a legal status.

That time when 150,000 members fed into a public consultation telling MPs why we enjoy using our parks.

Or when we launched a people-powered investigation by sending Freedom of Information (FOI) requests to councils up and down the country to find out which of our parks are at risk.

Parks matter and they belong to all of us. Whether it’s a playground to take our children to at the weekend, or a place to enjoy our lunch in the sunshine, parks are amazing places.

That is why this summer, on July 8th we have a chance to highlight how important they are by enjoying them in our 1000’s as part of Have a Field Day – a national celebration of parks on

July 8th, organised by specialist charity Fields in Trust and supported by 38 Degrees.


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