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Sep 20th, 2017

Nicola Sturgeon- Scottish Tax Rises

By Moon Saker

Nicola Sturgeon just made a bold proposal. She wants an “open conversation” on tax increases to help Scotland tackle inequality and improve public services. If she follows through, it could be the answer to so many of the things we all care about: like hospitals, schools, and tackling homelessness.

But the mega-rich and the big business lobby will be furious. They’re used to getting tax breaks and dodging paying their fair share. They’ll be doing everything they can to make Nicola Sturgeon back down.

If all she hears is criticism, then there’s a good chance she’ll drop the plans – and that would be bad news for all of us. We need to make sure Nicola Sturgeon also hears from thousands of ordinary Scots, who know we all gain if Scotland’s public services are properly funded.

Please can you add your name to a big open letter to Nicola Sturgeon, supporting the idea of an “open conversation” on tax increases? We can deliver it straight to her office, and get it in the newspapers. Add your name here:


If tax increases are done in the right way, most Scottish people benefit. It means safer hospitals when we’re ill, and better schools for our children. But the problem is that these kind of debates almost always get taken over by the people who’d lose out – the mega-rich, the tax dodgers, the private healthcare companies.

An open letter today, signed by thousands of us, will make sure that this time, the vested interests don’t get to dominate. It’ll prove that Scottish people are willing to see taxes go up a bit if it’s done in the right way. It could be enough to make sure that Nicola Sturgeon sticks to her guns.

PS: Supporting the idea of an “open conversation” about tax doesn’t mean giving Nicola Sturgeon a blank cheque. We’d need to make sure any tax rises are done fairly, with the wealthiest contributing the most and a crackdown on tax dodgers. We’d need to make sure that the money raised gets spent properly. But the first step in making sure the conversation about tax happens – so let’s make sure this proposal doesn’t fall at the first hurdle. Please add you name now: https://link.38degrees.org.uk/nicolfbd9

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