Grenfell Fire: Safety Funding

This is unacceptable. Months after the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower killed 80 people, families are still going to bed every night in dangerous homes. The government promised to make tower blocks safer, but essential safety work has been held up over squabbles about who should pay.

Thousands of people are still living in flats similar to Grenfell Tower: homes built with materials that set fire quickly, or lack proper sprinkler systems. Unless we get the government to do something about it now, we could see a tragedy like Grenfell again.

A huge public outcry could make sure this tragedy isn’t repeated. A massive petition, signed by hundreds of thousands of us, could force the government to get vital safety work under way immediately.

If you think the tragedy at Grenfell must not happen again, please take 30 seconds and sign the petition now:


After the Grenfell Tower fire, the government promised they’d help make sure everyone’s home was safe against fire. But now councils and the government are pointing fingers at each other about who should pay. For the families living in dangerous homes, there’s no time to lose.

This won’t be the first time 38 Degrees-ers have worked together to make sure the government keeps its promises. Just last week, 178,000 of us piled in to make sure Theresa May kept her election promise to crack down on rip-off energy prices. Huge public pressure could make sure the government keeps its promises on Grenfell too.