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Nov 1st, 2017

We’re currently not taking on any new groups

By Gwen

38 Degrees is not currently able to support the launch of new local groups. You can see if there’s a group near you here and contact the organiser if you’re interested in joining.

If you have an idea for a local campaign, or a local angle for an important national one, you can start a petition yourself on our Campaigns By You website.


What can a 38 Degrees local group expect from 38 Degrees?

  • The freedom to choose their own campaigns and activities, as long as the issues are in line with the 38 Degrees values of fairness, equality, freedom, human rights, community, peace, sustainability, and democracy
  • Permission to use the 38 Degrees name, logos and trademark
  • Support to run local campaigns using the CBY platform.
  • A clear way to contact 38 Degrees HQ for ad hoc advice.
  • Clear and timely communication from 38 Degrees HQ about plans for activity within their locality


What does 38 Degrees expect from a local group?

  • Local groups must be respectful and fair in actions and tone, steering clear of nasty politics, personal attacks and smears.
  • Local groups must stay separate from and independent of all political parties. Members of the network can criticise or support specific policies but cannot campaign for or against any political party with their 38 Degrees hat on.
  • Local groups do not have a exclusive right to 38 Degrees-branded activity within a geographical area. The 38 Degrees office team may encourage and support 38 Degrees members to meet up to take action or discuss campaigns outside of the structure of the local group. They may also support multiple 38 Degrees groups within the same locality. Everyone should endeavour to ensure good communication and a welcoming attitude where this happens.
  • Local groups must not bring 38 Degrees into disrepute – if 38 Degrees HQ judges that they have done so, then permission to use the organisation’s name, logo and trademarks will be withdrawn
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