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Feb 17th, 2016

Greater London Get Together – Campaigning locally on Housing

By Kahra Wayland-Larty

Question we posed: How can we, as 38 Degrees members, campaign on housing in our local areas? What can we bring to the movement that other organisations can’t?

Ideas we discussed:
Rest strike / pay a “fair rent”
Working with other organisations to make a cohesive strategy
Providing a “housing help hub” – 38 Degrees members sharing campaign strategies & tactics, links to legal advice etc
Creating positive local campaigns that can be “seeded” from one area to another to create a national wave of similar campaigns. eg Fill this local empty building/ build on this local brownfield site / ensure this new local development meets quota of affordable homes
Direct action / property guardian schemes
Petition to make the affordable home quote on new developments legally binding

Suggested next steps:
Have a think about how any of these ideas might work in your local area, specifically thinking what 38 Degrees members can do that is different from other organisations
You could arrange a meeting with 38 Degrees members in your local area to discuss your ideas
Visit the Campaigns by You website if you want to start a petition – this could be something locally-specific but that could act as a template for places all over the country.

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