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Nov 1st, 2017

NHS Consultation

By Becca McCarthy

Our NHS is changing, in a big way. Plans are being made which could mean private companies are handed contracts of up to ten years to provide care. So far, all of the plans have been drawn up behind closed doors.

NHS bosses know these plans wouldn’t go down well with MPs and the public. So they’re trying to push them through quickly, and are looking for a rubber stamp. They’ve launched a consultation on the details, and you can bet they’ll be hoping nobody sees it. [2]

That’s where we come in. If thousands of us email the consultation right now, we can make sure the plans get out in the open for proper scrutiny and make sure NHS bosses put us – the patients who rely on our NHS – first.

The consultation closes in just five days. Will you take a few minutes to email the consultation, and make sure the plans don’t slip through quietly?

The plans mean the NHS will be organised differently, based on an American model called ‘Accountable Care Organisations’ (ACOs).  Not all changes made to our NHS are bad. But any changes that see private companies making profit from care need to be stopped.

We’ve stood up to shady plans for our NHS before. When the government tried to hide secret plans to cut NHS services across England, 38 Degrees members moved fast. Together, we raised thousands of pounds to investigate the plans, got the findings splashed over headlines, and stopped some of the worst of the cuts. It’s time to do it again.

If just one of us emails in, it might not make a difference, and the NHS bosses will think they’ve got away with it. But if thousands of us email in, we’ll be impossible to ignore.

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