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Jan 31st, 2018

Email the CMA about Rupert Murdoch

By 38 Degrees team

Rupert Murdoch’s Sky takeover bid is hanging by a thread. The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is the official watchdog. Their draft report says it’s a threat to democracy, and that maybe the best thing would be to block it. [1] Now, they’re asking for the public’s views on their draft report, before they make their final decision. [2]

It’s not a done deal yet. Murdoch’s lobbyists will be working around the clock to convince the CMA to re-write their report and wave through the takeover. Together, we need to make sure public opposition to Murdoch is loud enough to drown him out.

If the CMA hears from thousands of people like you, it could be enough to encourage them to stick with their plans.

We have less than a week to submit our views. Will you email the CMA now? It’ll take less than two minutes, and there’s a template to get you started:

From biased reporting to dodgy backroom deals with politicians, Murdoch’s vast media empire already threatens our democracy. [3] If his Sky takeover goes through, it’ll give him even more power over our media. And that means even more power over our politicians.

Together, we’ve already done so much to get to this point. We’ve signed petitions, we’ve sent emails, we’ve crowdfunded hard-hitting polling, and we’ve presented our evidence directly to the watchdog. [4] Murdoch and his slick, highly-paid lobbyists never give up. But 38 Degrees-ers are matching him at every stage with our people-powered defence of democracy.

Will you email the CMA today to tell them their draft report is right, and the public still wants Murdoch’s Sky takeover blocked? Just click on the link below to get started.



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