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Apr 12th, 2018

Urgent vote on Syria:

By Ruby Earle

Today 38 Degrees-ers in their thousands are sending messages to Cabinet members, calling for there to be a vote in Parliament before any decisions are made about military action in Syria.

Please read below to see just some of the messages sent in from people all around the country. You can read more here.

Kate: ALL MPs must have a vote on this. We are supposed to live in a democracy.

Muhammad: The Syria crisis is a matter of national concern. Britain’s MPs should all be included in the process of deciding the nation’s response.

Judith: In such a serious case, even though you have experience and wisdom I beg you to take time to consult all Members of Parliament and allow a vote on Syria by our elected members, so concerned members of the public can contact our MPs.

Andy: Do not drag the UK into another war without debating it in parliament.

Gary: All MPs should be consulted in deciding whether or not the UK enters into a war.

Jane: Look at the result of previous ill thought out military intervention by previous governments. You must allow MPs a debate and vote on this.

Patsy: Please give MPs a vote on military action on Syria

Beryl: I would like a vote to go before Parliament to decide action against Syria.

Kathie: This is such an important matter – parliament should vote on this.

Sue: Please put all the facts to parliament and let’s have a discussion about the possibility of military action.

John: It’s my belief that all MPs should have a vote. This is democratic.

Winston: Under no circumstances should we go to war without a public vote.

Margaret: We want all our MPs to have a vote on whether we go to War or not

Angharad: When there are lives on the line we need as many voices in the decision as possible. Make a multipartisan decision

Elizabeth: Stop this crazy rush to war – take as much time as needed to fully consider all possibilities and consequences. Your job is to keep us safe – so do it.

Claire: Please do not take the UK into war with Syria without giving a say to the people.

Jane: This decision should be made by *all* the MPs we vote to represent us – not a group of just 22 people.

Gillian: This is an important and serious decision – one which could involve us ultimately in a war with Russia – this should go to a vote in the house, not be decided behind closed doors without cross party input

Juanita: I want my MP who I voted to represent me to have a say in this crucial vote taking place today…

John: It is utterly undemocratic for a small number of votes (22) to take us to was without a more general consultation.  This matter must go through parliament.

David: I KNOW that things are very urgent, but STILL the  “ordinary” M.P.s must be involved. I don’t know whether Churchill did things like leaving them out of decisions, but he shouldn’t have, and neither should you.

Gaynor: This country is a democracy and as such parliament should have the final say as to whether we go to war against Syria. This is too big a decision to be taken by a handful of politicans all of whom are in the same political party.

Daniel: An attack on Syria without the vote of all MPs would be a disgraceful example of democracy

Aileen: Our MPs must be involved in this major  decision. It is not only a huge undertaking for us as a country, but for the world.

Fay: This is too important an issue for a decision to be taken without consulting all MPs

Jennifer: Please do not let such a small unrepresentative group make such an important and far reaching decision which will affect so many people

Richard: Something of this magnitude should go to a parliamentary vote not just for cabinet to decide.

Lesley: Parliament MUST decide whether the UK takes military action on Syria. This is too important.

Joanna: Please involve Parliament in the potentially catastrophic decision whether or not to go to war. The people’s representatives need to be part of this choice.

Mavis: We the people demand that parliament is able to vote on what could be a world changing decision.

Marjorie: If we go into military action with regard to Syria it will potentially affect everyone of us. I’d like my MP and all MPs to have his say on this important issue – they are are representatives.

Elizabeth: Before the country is taken into a war, MPs – our representatives –  must be given a vote on this before the country is dragged into further Middle East conflicts.

Juliet: Isn’t Britain supposed to be a democratic country?  Parliament must have a vote on military action.

Moira: It is immoral to go to war without asking MPs or even the public if it is their wish to do so.

Angela: Please give MPs a vote on Syria

Maged:The UK is a democracy. Please make sure Parliament has a vote on any military action.

Lucy: Taking military action in Syria is something that must be discussed and voted on in parliament and not a cabinet-only decision.

Rosemary: Please, for the sake of democracy, allow all MPs to vote on this issue.  It is too big a decision to be left to a few.

Roger: Any act of war on our behalf must be endorsed by our elected representatives. There is no immediate threat to this country to respond to so rational counsel must prevail.

Chantal: MPs represent us, the people of the UK. Let them vote about military action in Syria.

Ann: Any action against Syria should be made by all democratically elected MPs and not just Teresa May and her cabinet. This is a very serious and frightening situation.

Sam: Military action in Syria is a serious issue that we as the public have a right to vote on not just a handful of MPs. MPs are in parliament to represent our views we are supposedly a democracy so let us vote on this.



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