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Jun 2nd, 2018

Ten year old Giorgi

By 38 Degrees team

Ten year old orphan Giorgi could be deported from the only country he’s ever known – just months after his mother’s death. [1] Giorgi’s lived in Glasgow since he was three years old. He fled Georgia with his mum to escape a criminal gang that threatened to kill him. Now his future is hanging in the balance, and we only have a few days to stop him being deported.

On Tuesday the Home Office will decide whether Giorgi and his grandma can live together in Scotland – or if he will be ripped away from his home and sent to a country he doesn’t know, where his life is in danger. [2]

Here’s where we come in. Together we can prove that the public stand with Giorgi and want him to stay. A huge petition, signed by thousands of us, would show the Home Office we’re on their case – they won’t get away with quietly sending Giorgi back to a country he’s never known.

Time is running out for Giorgi, will you add your name before the Home Office decide on Tuesday? It only takes 30 seconds.



Giorgi and his mother escaped to Scotland after gangsters in Georgia threatened to kill him. [3] Giorgi has lived in Scotland ever since. Despite all this, Giorgi’s teachers describe him as a ‘happy wee boy.’ He’s settled in a local primary school, has a great circle of friends and supports Celtic FC fanatically. [4] But soon he could lose everything.

Together we could stop this – we’ve done it before. Just last month, after over 50,000 of us signed a petition, we stopped the deportation of Olya, a mother who would have been torn away from her two-year-old child. Let’s do the same for Giorgi and his grandma.

The Home Office could decide by Tuesday. Please will you sign the petition to help Giorgi stay in the country he loves?


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[3] His dad owed the gang money, but died having never paid the debt. You can read more on the story in the notes above
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