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Jul 23rd, 2018

Standing up for human rights: Messages to Sajid Javid

By 38 Degrees team

Today 38 Degrees-ers in their thousands are tweeting their MPs, calling on them to condemn Sajid Javid’s plan to allow two British people to potentially face the death penalty in the US.

Please read below to see just some of the messages sent in from people all around the country:

Russel: “However repugnant the crime don’t allow anyone to be put to death as punishment.”

Karen: “I do not agree with the death penalty in this country or any other, I believe it is a violation of human rights, is open to abuse politically and if mistakes are made then they can not be rectified.”

Felicity: “I am shocked that Javid is stepping away from the decades long assurance against the death penalty. It is not up to a Home Secretary to change this policy without parliamentary discussion.”

Susan: “I am totally against this plan. It is barbaric.”

Linda: “I am against the death penalty as there are so many miscarriages of justice. Please ensure that you, Britain’s representative speak out against it.”

Julie: “I am vehemently opposed to the death penalty, a huge step backwards for a modern civilised society, and there is proof that many have been executed when innocent.”

Aisha: “Dear Mr Javid, please stand up for British values, by continuing to oppose the death penalty. Let us be seen to respond to barbaric acts of terrorism in a way that differentiates us from the terrorists.”

Kath: “Executing criminals makes a parody of justice. There is never an excuse for cold blooded killing.”

Richard: “Don’t make martyrs out of these men. A long prison sentence not the death penalty.”


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