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Sep 6th, 2018

Messages to Esther McVey about the Pensions Dashboard

By Robin Priestley

Thanks to a campaign by 38 Degrees members, the government is being forced to deliver a public service website that will help us all keep track of our pensions – called a “pensions dashboard”. They tried to “kill off” the dashboard and millions of people stood to lose hard earned savings.

It’s a good start, but we’re not done yet.

The government hasn’t yet promised to include all our pensions on the dashboard which means millions of people could still lose track of their pensions and be out of pocket. It could mean people having to choose between heating or eating when they retire.

So today, thousands of 38 Degrees-ers have been tweeting at Esther McVey, the minister in charger. Whilst at the same time the 38 Degrees staff team handed in the huge 180,000 person petition to her desk.

Here’s some messages that 38 Degrees members have been sending to Esther McVey:

Anthea – Please include all our pensions on the “dashboard”. As a teacher my pensions pretty much looked after themselves but for many people with multiple jobs and therefore many bits of pension it is much more complex. Please help ensure everyone can find all they are entitled to.

Janice – To make good decisions, all information should be known. Pls include all our pensions on dashboard

Lindsay – The government hasn’t yet promised to include all our pensions on the dashboard which means millions of people could still lose their hard-earned savings. Please make sure they do.

Paul – Commit to a pensions dashboard that includes all our pensions, including the state pension.

Alan – Good start to the saving of the pensions dashboard, but not enough – what about State pensions?

James – People in multiple low paid jobs are already struggling. Please make sure they can at least get their full pension entitlement.

Amanda – I think it’s unfair what you are doing.. please include and commit to a pension dashboard… there are a Lot of people who will rely on there pension…

Carolyn – Help! How else can we keep track of constantly shifting pension companies plus inscrutable state pension contributions?

Victoria – We all know that pensions are in crisis with millions unable to afford to save for their retirement thanks to consistent mismanagement of the economy over decades. This calculator could help avoid a complete breakdown of society – but only if people can see a complete prediction of their retirement finances, which means including ALL their pensions.

Chris – Dear Ms McVey– The proposed dashboard should include all of each person’s pensions or it risks being a false and misleading initiative.

Beatrice – I feel that a pension dashboard that includes all our pensions, including from the state, is essential. Please can you ensure it will be put in place.

Leo – We work hard for our meagre pensions, which can easily be lost in a badly designed system, Please help us control the little we have been able to squirrel away.


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