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Sep 19th, 2018

New Immigration laws: The results are in

By Ruby Earle

Last month over 100,000 38 Degrees-ers came together to answer a huge survey to find out where we all stand on immigration.

Here are the results in full:

How important is the issue of immigration to you?

  • 70% said “It’s important, but so are other things”
  • 16% said “It’s the most important issue to me”
  • 11% said “It’s not particularly important to me”
  • 3% said “It’s not important to me at all”


Which of these is closest to your view?

  • 76% said “We should have a sensible, humane and managed immigration policy”
  • 12% said “I don’t really believe in borders – there should be very limited controls on immigration, or none at all”
  • 12% said “I think we should aim to reduce immigration and ultimately end it”


Select the four statements that are most important to you

How important is it to you that Britain treats vulnerable people with compassion and decency, like people escaping war or persecution?

In a new immigration system after Brexit, who should we welcome? Tick all that apply:

How important is it to you that Britain welcomes as many people needed by our public services, like the NHS and social care?

Do you think the government should give more money to areas of the country with high immigration, to help boost public services and make sure new arrivals settle into the area?

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