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Sep 21st, 2018

#PacketInWalkers – Post your plastic packet back to Walkers

By David Innes

By 2025 – the year Walkers Crisps has promised to go plastic free – they’ll have produced 28 billion more plastic packets that will litter our beaches, our streets, and pile up in landfills.

Hundreds of thousands of us have signed the petition, and our call for Walkers to act faster on plastic waste has been splashed across the news. But Walkers are still trying to hide behind far off targets, hoping we’ll go away.

Together we can show them we won’t give up until they stop producing millions of plastic crisp packets a day.

We’ve got a cunning plan, to post our used crisp packets back to Walkers.

Imagine the scenes in Walkers HQ when hundreds of packets are delivered each day and it’s all over the news and people are talking about posting their packets on social media. From the canteen to the boardroom, the need to tackle plastic waste will be on the tip of every tongue. Bosses will soon realise they need to act fast.

It won’t cost a penny as we can use Walkers own Freepost address. All you need is a Walkers crisp packet, a pen, paper, and some sellotape.

Are you up for posting a crisp packet to Walkers?



By posting our packets to them, we can bring the crisis right to Walkers door. We can flood Walkers social media with pictures of us popping them in the post, telling them that 2025 isn’t good enough. From the morning paper, to chats with colleagues in the work canteen, Walkers bosses won’t be able to escape our call.


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