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Oct 1st, 2018

Fracking – Democracy

By Becca McCarthy

Four people, including a teacher and a scientist, have just been sentenced to jail for protesting against government fracking plans. [1] Plans that the government forced through, against the will of the local people. [2]

But it gets worse. The government’s also trying to push through new rules that would mean local people would be even more powerless to stop this dangerous form of energy coming to our neighbourhoods. It would also give dirty energy companies a free pass to frack. [3]

Ordinary people – worried about the impact of fracking on their area – are being silenced. And we can’t let the government get away with this. Already 182,000 people have signed a petition to show the government that the public won’t stand by whilst our democracy is undermined.

Will you add your name to the petition now?



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[2] The Independent: May’s government accused of ‘trampling over democracy’ by approving fracking at second well near Blackpool:
[3] The Times: Backlash as Ineos puts fracking on fast track with plans to bypass local councils:
The Independent: Government announces plan to accelerate fracking developments by fast-tracking private companies’ planning applications:
Guardian: Fracking – the reality and the risks:
The Independent: Fracking could cause earthquakes across huge swathes of UK, warns former Downing Street adviser and seismologist:

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