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Oct 24th, 2018

Halt arms sales with Saudi Arabia

By Becca McCarthy

Killed in cold-blood. The assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi is barbaric and gruesome. He criticised those in power in Saudi Arabia and it has been reported that he was murdered on their orders. The Saudi state keeps changing its story, and is now claiming he died “in a fight”. [1]

Yesterday, Foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt condemned the killing, saying the Saudi response was “not credible”. Yet our government continues to sell them weapons. [2]

Saudi Arabia’s rulers rely on British made weapons. [3] If we stop selling them arms, it will show them that their actions have consequences. And that Britain won’t stand by while they brutally silence their critics.

This story is splashed across the news, but the government haven’t yet heard from us, the British public. [4] If thousands of us sign an open letter to Jeremy Hunt today, asking him to halt arms sales with Saudi Arabia, he’ll know we expect him to act.

Will you add your name?

Every year Britain invests hundreds of millions in Saudi Arabia and sells weapons to them. Other countries across the world, like Germany, have taken action this week and stopped selling arms to Saudi Arabia until there is justice. [5] If other countries can do this, we can too.

As 38 Degrees-ers we stand up for the values of democracy and holding the powerful to account. Killing a journalist because you don’t like them criticising you is barbaric.


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