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Jun 23rd, 2019

Don’t shut Disabled people out of mainstream education

By Megan Bentall

Our experience at school shapes our whole lives. But right now many Disabled children, including those with special educational needs, are being taught a terrible lesson: that they don’t belong. Because of budget cuts, some Disabled pupils are being forced out of local schools, or out of education all together. It’s simply not right.

Being included in mainstream society right from the start is essential for Disabled people to take their place in society as equal citizens. It’s important for all children to learn and play together, as they will grow into adults who can understand and respect each other’s differences.

But funding for the support Disabled children need to participate equally, such as one to one support, therapists and specialist equipment, has been hard hit. More and more Disabled pupils have found themselves shut out from mainstream schools, even pushed out of the education system all together.

As we speak, top Conservative MPs are positioning themselves to become the next Prime Minister. They’re desperate to gain public favour. We’ve got a chance to get funding for Disabled pupils on their agenda and make it something the government can’t ignore. But to get there, it’s going to take hundreds of thousands of us.

A huge public outcry could have a big impact on how seriously politicians take the crisis in our schools. Together we can send a powerful message: Disabled children deserve better, and the public demand an education system that supports every child to get involved, learn and grow.

If you want to live in a society where Disabled people are treated as equal citizens, and all children are able to learn together, sign the petition today.
The Alliance for Inclusive Education started this 38 Degrees petition. It’s an organisation run by, and for, Disabled people, and has a simple mission: to fight for an inclusive education system so all young people can be educated together as equals in their local communities. By adding our voices, we can turn up the pressure on politicians to take Disabled pupils’ rights seriously.


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