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Jan 27th, 2021

BBC Licence Fee Victory!

By Tom Kuehnel

We’re less than a month into 2021 and, while times are still tough for all of us, we’ve already secured a big win together. The UK government have just backed down from plans that could have slashed the BBC’s funding by hundreds of millions of pounds.

This is a direct result of people working together through 38 Degrees. A massive 106,000 of us shared our views with a government consultation into decriminalising the licence fee – with the vast majority saying they didn’t want the plans to go ahead if it put the BBC at risk.

At a time when we’re more reliant on the BBC than ever – and with a government who have questioned its very futurethis is a fantastic result. And it shows what we can do when we work together. As well as the consultation:

70,000 of us gave our views to a group of influential MPs.
More than 20,000 of us emailed Boris Johnson directly.
Over 100,000 of us have already signed the new petition calling on the government not to destroy the BBC.

This is the latest in a long line of campaign victories for us all. Through 38 Degrees, we’ve come together time and time again to create the change we needed. From securing a better deal for Scotland’s renters last January, to pushing the UK government to provide emergency funding for our NHS in November, we’ve been at the heart of positive change in 2020.

Thank you for everything you do – moments like this prove just how powerful we are when we work together.

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