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Apr 4th, 2022


By Matt


With the government urgently developing a new energy security plan set for release on Thursday, and energy bills having increased a massive 54%, 38 Degrees commissioned snap polling last week. The results show that Brits – including Conservative voters – MASSIVELY back more onshore wind farms in their area, and cheaper bills for people living nearby. The results of the poll are below:

The government is developing a new energy strategy to make the UK less reliant on Russian gas, so we’re less at risk of energy shortages or further price hikes. As part of this, ministers are planning an expansion of renewable energy like wind power – which is now about six times cheaper than gas. Do you support or oppose an expansion of wind farms across the UK as part of the new energy strategy?

NET – support: 85% (Conservative voters in 2019: 85%)
Strongly support: 60% (56%)
Somewhat support: 25% (29%)
Neither/nor: 10% (7%)
Somewhat oppose: 3% (5%)
Strongly oppose: 2% (2%)
NET – oppose: 4% (8%)

‘Onshore’ wind farms are wind turbines that are built on land across the UK. They are easier, quicker and cheaper to build and maintain than ‘offshore’ wind farms, which are built out to sea, but not quite as efficient or reliable at producing energy. Onshore wind farms are considered a cost effective means of generating electricity. To what extent do you support the expansion of onshore wind farms specifically, as part of the government’s new energy plan?

NET – support: 83% (Conservative voters in 2019: 80%)
Strongly support: 51% (47%)
Somewhat support: 32% (32%)
Neither/nor: 11% (9%)
Somewhat oppose: 4% (7%)
Strongly oppose: 3% (4%)
NET – oppose: 6% (11%)

To what extent do you support or oppose an expansion of wind farms in your area?

NET – support: 76% (Conservative voters in 2019: 72%)
Strongly support: 46% (42%)
Somewhat support: 30% (30%)
Neither/nor: 15% (15%)
Somewhat oppose: 4% (6%)
Strongly oppose: 5% (8%)
NET – oppose: 8% (13%)

The government is currently considering a new scheme where people who live close to an onshore wind farm would benefit from cheaper energy bills. Would you be in favour of this scheme?

Yes I would be in favour: 79% (Conservative voters in 2019: 77%)
No I would not be in favour: 11% (15%)
Don’t know: 10% (8%)

How would the prospect of cheaper energy bills affect your support or opposition for expanding onshore wind farms in your area?

Make me more supportive: 61% (Conservative voters in 2019: 59%)
No change: 33% (38%)
Make me less supportive: 2% (1%)
Don’t know: 4% (1%)

Polling conducted by JL Partners on behalf of 38 Degrees. Fieldwork conducted: 29th March 2022. Population sampled: Residents 18+ living in the UK. Sample size: 1047 adults. Sampling frame: GB adults. Sampling mode: Online panel sample. Quotas and weights: Quota-ed and weighted to be representative of Great Britain on gender, age, region, and 2019 vote. Margin of error: +/- 3.1% on headline figures.

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