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May 27th, 2022

Campaign win! Rishi Sunak announces £5 billion windfall tax on energy giants’ profits

By Angus O'Brien

oil_rig (2)

“I won’t have to pull back on some of the things that I believe are really important for the children.”

This is what it means. This is what it means to Peta who, like millions of others across the country, has been struggling as bills rise and the cost of the things we need to get by soars. 

This is what it means when we take action together. After months of campaigning and thousands of people working together to keep up the pressure, the Chancellor Rishi Sunak just made an unprecedented u-turn and announced a £5 billion windfall tax on the profits of energy giants

It’ll fund support for millions of people, like Peta, across the country who are struggling to keep up with rising energy bills in this cost of living crisis.

Rishi Sunak didn’t want to do this. He publicly ruled it out time after time. But, by taking action in our thousands, working in coalition with other campaigning organisations, and relentlessly keeping up the pressure, we’ve given the Government no other choice. Here’s how we did it:


It’s a testament to what we can do when thousands of us come together. So let’s keep the momentum up.

We know it’s not a silver bullet that’ll solve the cost of living scandal overnight. But by securing this win, we’ve shown that it is possible for people to hold the Government to account over this cost of living scandal. 

If they can tax the energy giants making billions while our bills soar, the Government can also ensure all wealthy corporations pay what they owe, invest in renewables and energy efficiency, and support everyone who’s struggling to get by.

Want to get involved? It takes 30 seconds to let us know and stay up to date on our cost of living campaigns!

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