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Mar 9th, 2023

Pin FAQs

By 38 Degrees team

Can you tell us more about the campaign?

Decades of underfunding have left our NHS broken. From chronic staffing shortages to long waiting times, our NHS is on its knees. But rather than tackling this head-on, while protecting the funding principles of a free at the point of use healthcare system, some politicians are increasingly looking at privatisation as the answer.

That’s why together we’ve launched this campaign to protect the integrity of this publicly funded institution and demand an end to the creeping privatisation of our NHS. Already more than 103,000 of us have signed the petition against introducing patient charges.

Now we want to ramp up the next phase of this campaign with the launch of our “Don’t You Dare” campaign pins. Imagine if every one of us reading this wore a pin to show our support for stopping the privatisation of our NHS. It would send a clear message that we believe in patients before profits and bring much needed attention to this crucial issue.

What does it look like?

We’re currently working to finalise the design of the pin. This is the latest draft design we have but please note that the final design might vary slightly.

What size are they?

This will be a fairly standard-size pin. We’re still working to finalise the exact size – but we anticipate pins will have a diameter of 31mm. For reference, a £2 coin has a diameter of 28mm.

Where are they made and are they ethically produced?

Pins will be manufactured in the UK, following sustainable production methods. The manufacturer will plant 20,000 trees this year to offset 1,000 tonnes of carbon. They’ll also recycle key parts used in the production process.

What material is it made from?

It’s made from metal, with a clear dome finish.

Can I get my pin in another language?

Unfortunately, we are only able to provide pins in English.

What is the attaching mechanism on this pin?

Pins will have a standard clutch backing for attachment to clothing.

Are pins free?

Yes, you’re able to sign up for a free pin because we want everyone to be able to take part. The more of us who support this campaign the more powerful it will be. However, if you’re able to do so, it would be great if you could chip in to help pay for pins for people who can’t afford to. You can make a secure donation here.

When will I get my pin?

We’re still working to finalise these details but at the moment we aim to start shipping pins by the end of April. Once shipped pins will take 3-5 working days to arrive.

Please note we’re a small campaigning organisation that doesn’t have the resources of giants like Amazon. It means that it might take us a little longer than we’d like to get your pin to you. Please bear with us.

Do you post outside of the UK?

Unfortunately, we do not offer shipping outside of the UK.

What should I do if my pin doesn't arrive?

We’ll send you an email letting you know that your pin badge is is ready for dispatch. If you haven’t received that email we’re still working hard to make and dispatch your pin. Pins are being made to order in different batches, so it takes a few weeks to get your pin to you after you’ve ordered. However, due to some technical issues , some pins are taking much longer than we’d like to get to supporters. Please accept our apologies – we’re working hard to get your pins to you!

If you’ve received the dispatch email and your pins hasn’t arrived within 14 days you can order a replacement by contacting us at itsournhs@38degrees.org.uk

Please note, we’re a small campaigning organisation that doesn’t have the resources of giants like Amazon. It means that it might take us a little longer than we’d like to get your pin to you. Please bear with us – we’re doing all we can to process your order as soon as possible.

Can I share a picture of my pin with you?

We’d love to see your pins on display! Please share photos with us at: itsournhs@38degrees.org.uk (and if you do this, we might share your photo on social media, and other media work, unless you ask us not to) or tweet @38degrees using the hashtag #ItsOurNHS.

Can I order more than one pin?

At the moment we’re limiting pins to one per person, on a first come first basis. If you’d like a friend or family member to get a pin the best way to do that is to forward the email you received about this campaign to them and ask them to sign up for their own one.  If you’re having trouble with this please contact us at: itsournhs@38degrees.org.uk

Don't want a pin but want to support this campaign?

If you’d like to chip in to help make this campaign even bigger and better – you can make a secure donation here

How can I order a pin?

You can order a pin by using – this order form. Once you’ve entered your address you’ll be redirected to a page where, if you can, you can chip in to cover the cost of your pin and support our campaign.

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