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Aug 10th, 2023

Dose of Hope | Together we say: don’t you DARE privatise our NHS

By Kate Murray

Decades of chronic underfunding have left our NHS in a state of disrepair, with staffing shortages and lengthy waiting times plaguing our healthcare system.

Our NHS is on its knees, struggling to meet demand and threatened by successive governments’ pushes for privatisation.

But the 38 Degrees community has continued to defend our beloved health service and, like so many times before, we’ve come together again to make our position clear.

So far, over 120,000 members of the public have signed our petition against the introduction of patient charges within the NHS.

And now, as part of the next phase of our campaign, we’ve distributed thousands of pins to supporters nationwide to amplify and drive home this message to the Government: don’t you DARE privatise our NHS!

Up and down the country, thousands of 38 Degrees supporters ordered a pin and are now proudly adorning their clothing and bags with theirs. Why? To show unwavering support for our NHS and solidarity among those of us who refuse to let it be put up for sale.

Supporters wearing their pins with pride show our collective determination to resist the creeping privatisation of our cherished healthcare service, keeping the pressure on the Government to keep its hands OFF our NHS.

Our strength is in our numbers and, together, we’re continuing to hold our politicians to account and remind them of how much the public values our NHS.

Pictures speak a thousand words, and all the photos – and the drawing! – that we’ve received over the summer really are a testament to the power and passion of those who are committed to protecting our NHS!

Take the photo below, for example, which came with a very powerful message:

My 95 year old dad.

He remembers the ‘doctor’s man’ knocking on the door for his money when he was a child. He was a poorly child with rheumatic fever and asthma. His parents could luckily afford the doctor’s fees.

The NHS is a wonderful asset, we all pay towards it, the Government should not be starving it of necessary funds. Keep up the good work.

Best regards

And we were WOWED by this stunning picture featuring our NHS pin, drawn by the incredibly talented Aniya Baptiste – aged just 11!

We have been moved by each and every photo that our supporters have sent in over the summer – here is just a small selection of these.

A huge thank you to each and every one of you who joined this part of the campaign and wore your pin with pride. Together, we will continue to do what it takes to protect our NHS.

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