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A Chance for Change

Jan 8th, 2024

2024 – A chance for change: 38 Degrees launches election year campaign

By Matthew McGregor

On behalf of the 38 Degrees staff team, happy new year. And what a year 2024 promises to be. There might not be a huge amount we can say with certainty, but one thing we do know is this: in the next 12 months, the Government has to call a general election. That’s why the 38 Degrees community is starting the new year off with a bang, as we launch our ‘Chance for Change’ election year campaign.

As we begin 2024, we know that the country is crying out for change.  Change for our NHS so that millions of us aren’t left waiting and anxious for the care we need. Change that means kids aren’t going to bed hungry and cold, while energy giants’ profits soar – and change that means we all don’t just survive to the end of each gruelling month, but instead we can get back to actually living a little. 

We don’t know when the election will be called – Rishi Sunak might not even know that yet. But we do know that for politicians and those with the power to deliver the change we need, a polling day on the horizon means electioneering – and trying to appeal to the country – starts now. 

So we will too. 

The size and breadth of the 38 Degrees community means politicians should sit up and listen to us. We’re a community of over one million people, living in every single constituency. Our supporters come from all walks of life, and have voted for all parties (and none). In 60 constituencies, the number of 38 Degrees supporters in that seat exceeds the majority of the current MP. At this election, we’ll be making that known – in no uncertain terms – to political parties, as they set out their manifestos and seek support. Together, we’ll relentlessly shove the issues voters care the most about into the spotlight. We’ll leave politicians and parties unable to ignore us, as millions of us take small actions – whether that’s signing petitions, sharing campaigns or chipping in a few quid –  that add up to something bigger: the change we need on the issues we care most about.

“A chance for change” – the 38 Degrees election year campaign:

So what does our campaign, kicking off right now, look like?

As a politically independent group, we won’t campaign for one party or another – and we won’t try and tell our supporters who to vote for. But we will fight, without fear or favour, for the change our country is crying out for. We’ll compare the parties’ offers and if they fail to offer solutions, or become distracted by stoking division, we won’t be afraid to show them what the electoral consequences will be. 

We’ll focus on the changes people want to see in their lives, in their communities, and in their country. Amongst the general public and our supporters, it is clear that two issues will dominate at the next election: NHS and the cost of living. These are the problems dominating people’s lives, as they spend months or years on NHS waiting lists; hours upon hours in A&E, or receive rising household bills which make life harder and harder, leading to sleepless nights. The party that promises real change on these crucial issues is the party voters across the country are already more likely to reward, our research shows. 

We’ll be spreading the word that we can’t wait – our NHS needs saving, now. For the 6.4 million people waiting for care, for their families, for NHS staff and for all of us who care, this election is a chance for change.

We’ll be demanding help for the cost of living a little: making sure not only that we can sleep at night, without worrying about keeping a roof over our heads or feeding our kids, but that we all reach the end of the month with a little bit left over, able to enjoy a few little luxuries. We’ll be telling anyone who hopes to be elected that we expect shareholders and energy giants to start footing the bill for an energy crisis we’ve all been paying for.

We’ll be making sure all parties know this, and holding them to delivering fair, realistic and concrete plans. And after the election, you can be certain our community will be ready to make sure whoever is in charge keeps their promises. 

We’ve been fighting for change on these issues, which matter most to our supporters, for years. And we’re confident they matter most to the wider public too – we’ve invested a lot in research to inform our priorities, from surveys and focus groups in marginal seats , to national polling and constituency level analysis right across the country.

There couldn’t be more at stake this year. That’s why we launched our campaign on the 2nd of January to give our community the best chance of making a difference – whether the election is in May, or December (or any month in between).  The change our country needs can’t wait – so we won’t either.

You can be part of the 2024: A chance for change campaign by signing up HERE

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