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NHS secret plans Press Release

26 Aug 16

Today, a huge investigation crowdfunded by thousands of 38 Degrees members is making headline across the country. Here’s the full press release...

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The 38 Degrees crowdfunded investigation into secret NHS plans

26 Aug 16

Last month, 38 Degrees members chipped in to fund an investigation into a series of secret plans to change our NHS. These...

IPP Prisoners – Campaign update

25 Aug 16

This update comes from petition starter Katherine Gleeson: As you may be aware I had an invitation to meet the Chief of...


Save our Human Rights

25 Aug 16

The government’s trying to abolish the Human Rights Act. It’s the law which gives us the right not to be tortured, the...


Brexit and our environment

24 Aug 16

Right now big business lobbyists are eyeing up our environment – looking to use Brexit to scrap protections for wildlife and our...

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Bees adventure in Cardiff

23 Aug 16

38 Degrees members have been getting together to learn more about some fascinating creatures – bumblebees! There are 24 species of bumblebee...

"Politicians have failed the NHS. We need people power to save it" Read more:

@38_degrees 22 hours ago

Find the secret #NHS plan for your area: #BBCnewsNHS

@38_degrees 22 hours ago