Roderick Campbell MSP, Jean Kemp, Carol McGregor and Hanzala Malik MSP

You can make your campaign happen too

By Jean Kemp It’s hard to believe that just a few hours ago my friends and me were outside the Holyrood Parliament,...

MSPs meet 38 Degrees members handing in a petition on CETA

MSPs greet Scottish members handing in CETA petition

MSPs met more than 30 Scottish members of 38 Degrees and other campaigners today as they delivered a petition to the Scottish...


Beaver culling in Scotland

Pregnant beavers in Scotland are being shot and killed. There are no laws in Scotland to protect the animals, even when they are...

FOI NHS private companies

Tell your MP: strengthen FOI laws

Right now we have no way to find out how private companies like G4S and Serco spend our public money. These companies...

esa adverts -01

Employment Support Allowance – The Lords listened to us!

“Fairness and compassion has prevailed.” Helen, 38 Degrees member “I’m so very grateful to everyone who stood against these proposals. Thank you...


Google’s tax dodging deal

The government thinks it can get away with its tax-dodging deal with Google. They agreed a secret deal letting Google pay a...

38 Degrees members have been making waves in the newspapers this week :) RT to show what people power can do

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RT if you want government to break the cycle.

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