Delegated Powers: Update

12 Dec 17

Incredible. 381,000 people have already signed the petition to stop Theresa May’s plan to rewrite UK laws behind closed doors after Brexit....


Women’s Refuges

12 Dec 17

New government plans to shake up funding for women’s domestic violence refuges, could force half to close or reduce the number of...


Whistleblower: deportation?

7 Dec 17

As a finance industry whistleblower, Kweku Adoboli has shined a light on reckless risk-taking and corruption in banking. [1] But in just...

Grenfell: Fire Sprinklers

7 Dec 17

This is unacceptable. Months after the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower, which killed over 70 people, families are still going to bed...


Trump’s Visit

7 Dec 17

It’s official: Trump’s hateful travel ban has been given the green light – for now. [1] It’ll tear apart millions of families...


Coul Golf Course

1 Dec 17

More than 50 acres of unspoilt Scottish coast are under threat from a planned golf course. [1] As we’ve learned from Donald...

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