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Helen McGreary – Ynys Mon

TTIP Petition Hand-ins: continued

20 Oct 15

TTIP petition hand ins are still happening across the country! Here are more 38 Degrees members talking about how their event went: Helen – Ynys Mon: The petition hand-in that we did on Ynys Mon (Anglesey) constituency was really exiting. I found it very empowering collecting the...


TTIP Petition Hand – Ins: October 9th and 10th

12 Oct 15

On Friday 9th and Saturday 10th October 38 Degrees members across the UK started handing in the massive petition – 3.2 million signatures and counting – against TTIP into their MPs. The petition hand ins will be carrying on over the next few months. Here’s...

TTIP big pharma share 540×540

Expose TTIP!

22 Sep 15

Overnight, this new pharmaceutical boss hiked-up the price of a drug used to treat HIV by 5500% – just like that. American laws give drugs companies exclusive rights to sell their drugs at any price they like. If the TTIP trade deal goes ahead, US...

Joe, John, Zarria & Mike

A guest blog from 38 Degrees Bath

25 Aug 15

Bath 38 Degrees members have been getting involved in the campaign to save Bath City FC. We’re hoping to make the club ‘community-owned’. This means coming together to buy community shares and then running the club democratically to make sure it stays a key part...

bees pollen

TTIP: Bees

22 Aug 15

There’s a huge new threat to our bees – and it’s wrapped up in a secret trade deal. If we don’t stand up for our bees, the dangerous bee-killing pesticides we’ve fought so hard against could be flooding our fields again – and back for good....


Stories from TTIP Day of Action

22 Aug 15

On Saturday 22 August more than 8,000 38 Degrees members took to the streets across the UK to raise awareness about the dodgy trade deal being negotiated between the EU and the US. The trade deal is called Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, or TTIP...