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Right now 38 Degrees members are running hundreds of Campaigns on the Campaigns by You website. From fighting to save local services like libraries or hospitals, through to trying to influence government policy on the big issues of the day.

Over the years, through helping and learning from thousands of campaigners, we’ve learnt a lot about how to run, and win, great campaigns.  On this page the 38 Degrees staff team share their top tips on their area of expertise.

From running great events, to pitching ideas to the media or writing great campaign emails there’s a series of short videos with dozens of top tips.

We hope you find them useful, and wish you the best of luck in winning your campaign.

Top Tips – How to run a great campaign

Robin Priestley – Head of Campaigns by You
Robin runs the Campaigns by You website, in this video he shares some of his top tips on tactics and strategies you could use to win your campaign.  In it he talks through everything from writing the best petition you can, through to holding events or spreading the word and putting pressure on decision makers.

Aug 2015

Top Tips – How to use Social media to boost your campaign

Amy Lockwood – Campaign Manager
Amy, one of the campaign managers at 38 Degrees shares some top tips on how to best use social media to boost your campaign.  It includes tips on how to write different content for both Facebook and Twitter.

Oct 2015

Top Tips – How to write a great email to your supporters

Nat Whalley – Campaign Manager
38 Degrees Campaign Manager Nat Whalley talks through some top tips on how to write a great email to the supporters of your campaign. It includes great tips covering what to write about, when to write, and some important things to avoid too.

Aug 2015

Top Tips – How to run great campaign events

Barney Lewer – Mobilisation and Engagement Manager
38 Degrees mobilisation manager Barney explains how to run great events to boost your campaign. It has tips on how to plan great events, what to do on the day, and how to maximise the impact of your events.

Oct 2015

Top Tips – Working with the media

Laura Townshend – Communications Director
38 Degrees Comms Director Laura Townshend gives some top tips on how to get the media involved in your campaign. From writing a press release, through to calling journalists, this is an essential guide for campaigners.

Aug 2015

We hope you’ve found these tips useful, it you want any more ideas on how to help win your campaign, why not check out these General Campaign tips and also this page of Frequently Asked Questions on how to use the Campaigns by You website.

Good luck with your campaign!

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