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Aug 11th, 2015

Pay dairy farmers a fair price!

By Alpha Gougsa



It’s crunch time for Britain’s dairy farmers. Right now, supermarkets from Morrisons to Asda are paying a pittance for milk: many farmers just aren’t able to make ends meet. 

But last week farmers from all over UK started taking action – they teamed up, invited their friends and family (even some of their cows) and started protesting inside stores.  Morrisons have agreed to continue to pay a pittance for milk *but* they will also launch a new brand of milk costing 10p more .. this isn’t good enough.

Supermarkets like Morrisons spend millions of pounds to look after their reputations and attract customers like us. Being known for ripping off farmers and paying harsh prices for milk will undo all that hard work – they’ll be worried about losing customers.

38 Degrees members have stood with farmers before to demand a fair deal – and won. We forced Asda to back down make a deal with the dairy farmers that produce our milk. So we know when we work together we can force supermarkets to act.

The more of us who stand with farmers today, the more likely Morrisons and the other supermarkets will pay a fair price for milk. Please sign the petition now and demand that supermarkets do the right thing: https://secure.38degrees.org.uk/fair-price-for-dairy-farmers 

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