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Aug 20th, 2015

38 Degrees members lobby local Cambridge MP to save our bees

By Cara Bevington

Guest blog from Inti Rowland… 

Over the past few weeks 38 Degrees members across the country have been writing to their local MP and local newspapers, in response to Environment Minister Liz Truss’ announcement to lift the ban on bee-killing pesticides in four counties across the UK.


38 Degrees members in the four effected counties are trying to set up meetings with their local MP, to express their outrage and come up with a plan to protect bees in the local area.

Yesterday, 38 Degrees members in Cambridge met with their local MP Daniel Zeichner at Trumpington Allotments, home to many bee hives.


The members there were gardeners, booksellers, mums and dads, showing their MP that the fight to save our bees brings together people from all walks of life. Ruth, who was at the meeting said: “If the bees were human and we didn’t know what was wrong with them, we’d treat them with care.”

Cora, who’s just 4 years old said: “I love bees, they make flowers pretty.” 


The local MP Daniel said: “The Evidence has been looked at clearly by the EU and our government, it shows that the risk (from these pesticides) is too high, bees are under threat.”

He went on to say: “The 38 Degrees campaign, focused attention on the issue… is putting pressure on the government to rethink this foolish decision”. I’ve received more emails and letters on this topic than any other since being elected in May.”


After meeting with their MP, 38 Degree members headed to the local pub to come up with more ideas for what they can do together. They’ve decided to start a “Bee team” to work with the local community to plant lots more bee friendly plants and ensure that all allotments can benefit from a bee hive. If you’re interested to get involved with this project, or other 38 Degrees campaigns in Cambridge, please join the local group here: https://you.38degrees.org.uk/local_chapters/38-degrees-cambridge

You can signed the petition calling on the Prime Minister to overturn the decision to let bee-killing pesticides back into our fields here: https://speakout.38degrees.org.uk/campaigns/bees-emergency-petition


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