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Sep 1st, 2015

Clean Energy Switch: It’s time to take the power back

By Maddy Carroll

Sick of big dirty energy companies?

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Want to join the Clean Energy Switch? 

The Big Six energy companies – like British Gas and NPower – have a history of tax-dodging, price-fixing and terrible customer service. Scandal after scandal comes out, yet millions of us still buy our gas and electricty from them.

But imagine if we moved away from these big, greedy companies to someone better? Together we could turn our backs on the Big Six. And use our power in numbers to get a cleaner, cheaper deal, from a better energy company.

Because there are alternatives out there – energy companies who don’t dodge tax, don’t rip off customers, and don’t spend big money lobbying for lax environmental laws.

38 Degrees members are teaming up up with energy switching specialists, The Big Deal, to do just this: a simple but powerful mass switch away from the Big Six to better, cleaner – and cheaper – energy.

The Big Six want us to think it’s complicated to switch, but it’s actually really simple. Especially when we do it together. Here’s how it’ll work:

  • Thousands of us say we’re up for switching
  • We bargain a great deal from an energy company – not the Big 6!
  • You compare that deal to what you’re on now and decide whether to switch.
  • Switching’s easy – just fill in a short form and switching experts The Big Deal will do the rest.
  • Plus, for every one of us who switch, 38 Degrees will get £12.50 to fund our campaigning together.

Lots of us pay big businesses for the essentials we need – heating our homes, using the phone, providing running water. But some of these businesses are up to dirty tricks: they pay their staff poverty wages, invest money in dirty fossil fuels, and secretly lobby against improving our environment.

For too long we’ve been ripped off by energy companies who keep prices high. They’re cheating us out of a fair deal. And destroying our environment.

In other words: they use our money to do the kinds of things 38 Degrees members campaign together to stop. But we have the power. We can vote with our feet – and take our business elsewhere.

Together, if thousands of us switch at the same time, we can turn our backs on dirty energy companies and move the tide behind better cleaner energy. Plus – our power in numbers means we’ll get a cheaper deal – win, win!

So – do you want to dump the Big Six and join the mass switch to a clean energy provider? Head here to register your interest in the Clean Energy Switch!


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