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Oct 2nd, 2015

Clean energy switch: We did it!

By Sarah Holtam

clean energy switch-01

The Big Six won’t like this. In less than 20 days, 38 Degrees members showed them that we’d had enough. Together, more than 10,000 of us ditched dirty, rip-off energy and moved to a cleaner, better alternative.

Companies like Npower and British Gas wanted us to think it was too hard to switch. They rely us not having time or motivation to do it. But by switching together – and negotiating a better deal – we’ve taken control.

Here’s what some 38 Degrees members had to say after making the switch this week:

“Thanks to the Clean Energy Switch I’ve replaced a downright dirty electricity supplier Scottish Power for a cheaper, cleaner and sustainable alternative Good Energy.” – 38 Degrees member Tim

“Projected savings of over £500 per annum. A win-win situation: we save money whilst doing our bit to help save the planet.”- 38 Degrees member Paul

“Thank you all for enabling this to happen. People power for a fairer, cleaner planet” – 38 Degrees member Jez

Lots of us pay big businesses for the essentials we need – heating our homes, using the phone, providing running water. But some of these businesses are up to dirty tricks: they pay their staff terrible wages, they dodge tax, invest money in dirty fossil fuels, and lobby against better regulation and for dodgy deals like TTIP.

In other words: they use our money to do the kinds of things 38 Degrees members campaign together to stop. But we have the power. We can vote with our feet- and take our business elsewhere. We’ve done it with energy. What should we do next?

Can you take two minutes to fill out a quick survey about where we go next? Just click the link, it’ll only take 2 minutes:

This is people power in action – let’s see where we go next together.

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