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Nov 27th, 2015

Homeless spikes campaign win! Birmingham HSBC

By Robin Priestley

This blog post has been written by 38 Degrees member and petition starter Chris:

It’s been a long time coming but this week HSBC in Birmingham New Street removed the anti-homeless spikes from outside their branch!  It’s a huge win for equality and for breaking down society’s barriers.


After I started the petition, 38 Degrees members signed and shared it in our thousands. HSBC eventually backed down in the face of people power and promised to remove the spikes.

We waited, and we waited, then just when we thought it was taking too long, we turned up the heat by posting on HSBC’s social media. They soon buckled under our pressure – here’s the proof!

The spikes on HSBC

Although this has taken a long time, today we proved corporations can be forced to listen to people. We can make change happen and be a catalyst for a new approach to society. An equal approach. A caring approach. A just approach.

This is a collective win, and we should all feel proud to have been a part of this. But where do we go from here? Let’s not stop at one change, but go for more:

Are there more anti-homeless spikes in Birmingham that need removing? Or another injustice that you want fixed? You can start your own petition here.

Most importantly of all, keep doing what you’re doing, and again, thank you so much for all your support. I’m eternally grateful and I think you’re all great!

Thank you,

Chris Brees


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