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Jan 20th, 2016

South-West Get Together – Top Tips for Using Social Media Session Notes

By Sarah Murray

Below are notes from the social media session where we laid out top tips for using social media for campaigning.

3 top tips for social media

  • Remember to keep copy in posts down to a minimum. One or two sentences at most!

Here’s a great example of well performing post with the perfect amount of copy above:great copy

“Well, that’s embarrassing, David Cameron would really prefer you not to watch this … (psst, pass it on)”

It works because: there’s a clear villain (David Cameron), it has an irreverent and informal tone and there is a clear ask – psst, pass it on – i.e share it!

  • Make sure you have a clear action “sign the petition/come to the event/share the post”

Don’t confuse people with more than one ask in a social media post and remember to include a link to your petition/event/action!

  • Images grab people’s attention, include them wherever possible!

Here’s a couple of examples of free photo editing software you can find online. You could add some text to an image to make a message clearer.

  1. http://fotoflexer.com
  2. https://www.gimp.org

Click here for a full video guide to social media which goes into more depth on using Facebook and Twitter for campaigning.


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