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Jan 27th, 2016

Midlands Get Together – TTIP Session Notes

By Sarah Murray

TTIP free zones!

We know that TTIP could have a huge impact on our local councils. They could be forced to pick big American corporations over local, sustainable businesses when they’re choosing contracts. Or they could be forced to allow fracking in the local area.

But we can do something about this. We’re going to convince our councils to become TTIP free zones. This is a powerful symbolic action. It makes sure our voices are heard and lets us spread the word and build our campaign locally.

By doing this, we’ll be part of the movement across the country with councils everywhere becoming TTIP free zones. There are already so many which have managed to convince their councils to pass motions, and many others who are campaigning right now.

TTIP free zones

(Green ticks are councils already won over, the orange exclamation mark is campaigns in progress, and red crosses are council motions that didn’t pass)

Why might this work?

Local councils will have a lot of power over TTIP:

  • if they all reject TTIP, that’s the whole UK saying no
  • council decisions feed back to party HQ / MPs / MEPs. If the local council rejects TTIP, that’s big pressure on other local politicians or the political party

What can we do locally?

Get your local council to pass a motion rejecting TTIP

  1. get a motion tabled
  2. get a motion voted on
  3. amplify a victory to other local politicians OR think about how to expose a bad council

What we might need to do this:

  • find out where your local council stands on TTIP already
  • Get the help of 38 Degrees staff team, and resources from Global Justice Now on their website
  • Get connected with other local groups who have succeeded – they could offer tips

Other ideas from the session

  • We need to “make it personal” – how will TTIP affect our councils and our areas – think local. Let’s get really good at storytelling – make sure people feel connected to the issue
  • We should go and get the support of our local businesses – explain to them why it’s important and then they’ll spread the word to their customers (maybe with window stickers, and in person?)
  • Get to know how the council works, and who the people are – spend time building relationships and finding out how to use the council for our campaign
  • Present local petitions to councils
  • We would like some information on how TTIP might affect local government
  • Local press can be really effective to pressure council and expose the issue in the local area
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