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Mar 31st, 2016

38 Degrees members’ verdict on the Scottish leaders TV debate

By 38 Degrees team

Opinion trackerDuring Tuesday night’s TV election debate on STV, 38 Degrees members across Scotland gave their verdict on the party leaders.

Using our new ‘opinion tracker worm’, members were invited to ‘agree’ or ‘disagree’ with the party leaders using on-screen buttons.

So was it better than just shouting at the telly? Judging from the feedback, it looks like it.

The results are in – and you’re the first to get them.

We’re not a fancy polling company – we’re a people-powered movement. So these results are a snapshot of the night, not a survey of the Scottish population.

On the night, the majority of people using the tool favoured Nicola Sturgeon, and then Patrick Harvie.

The worm was very good at picking up the strong and the weak areas for each leader.

  • Nicola Sturgeon, Kezia Dugdale and Patrick Harvie all peaked in popularity during discussions on the question of Scottish independence;
  • Health was the strongest card for Willie Rennie and Ruth Davidson;
  • Patrick Harvie scored points by arguing for ‘less political point scoring’;
  • Willie Rennie might have chosen a different analogy when comparing the education system with breeding pigs;
  • ‘Consensus Catherine’ and other audience members sought ‘sense over spin’, which was appreciated by the members using the worm.
  • The highest scoring rounds were the question of Scottish independence, taxation and health;
  • The hundreds of 38 Degrees members who took part show that we believe Scotland’s future is too important to be left to politicians alone;

As a people-powered movement, independent of party politics, we are making our voice heard during this election campaign.

In Scotland, this is an election like none that has gone before – an opportunity for the people of Scotland to decide our future. Scotland’s politicians are to gain more powers over the decisions that affect our lives. As citizens in Scotland, together, we can have more influence than we ever have before.

At this election, we need to make sure that people’s voices are heard amidst the hurly burly of political argument. 38 Degrees members are restless and we want our voices listened to.

Thanks to everyone who took part. We’ll be running the worm again, with improvements based on members’ feedback.

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