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Sep 24th, 2016

G4S and a discrimination hotline?

By Megan Bentall

Remember when G4S staff were caught on camera bullying children? Or when they made such a mess of security at the Olympics that the British army had to bail them out?

Well now the government wants to give G4S a contract to run the national helpline for people who are facing discrimination because of their age, their race or because they have a disability.

It’s not a done deal – yet. The government’s already facing criticism for this privatisation decision, and may even be facing an investigation.

G4S has made headlines again and again – and not for good reasons. There’s serious evidence of them mismanaging projects, and abusing the people who are meant to be in their care.

Even the House of Lords recommended earlier this year that the helpline should go back to being run by the independent watchdog who used to run it. Not be given to G4S who have a poor track record of running public services.

Lots of people think a helpline like the Equality Advisory and Support Service should be publicly run by an independent body. Others argue that private companies like G4S can save the government money.

38 Degrees members decide on the campaigns we run together, so 38 Degrees members were polled asking whether or not we should launch a people-powered campaign to stop G4S taking over the helpline.

Well the results are in, and 97% said 38 Degrees members should campaign against G4S taking over the helpline. So watch this space for next steps!

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