Save Bristol’s lollipop women and men

Bristol City Council is thinking of cutting Lollipop ladies and men all over the city in a bid to save cash. 38 Degrees member Kevin believes this plan could mean school children all over Bristol will have a more dangerous walk to school. So he’s started a campaign to save Bristol’s crossing patrols.

The Council have only just come up with their plan and are asking for our views before they make a final decision. If enough of us sign the petition to tell the council how much we disagree with their plans, they’ll have to listen. It might be enough to get them to back down.

If you agree with Kevin that children’s safety isn’t where the council should be making its cuts, please sign the petition. It’ll take less than two minutes.
Here’s what Kevin says:
“Bristol’s lollipop men and women get up first thing in the morning to go out in freezing conditions and protect Bristol’s children. They do a vital job for our city and keep our children safe. This has to continue.”

Earlier this year, Cambridge County Council planned to scrap lollipop ladies and men. But Colin, a local parent, started a 38 Degrees petition, over a thousand people got on board and the council scrapped their plans. There’s no reason why we can’t do the same in Bristol.