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Oct 28th, 2016

Liam Fox and Brexit

By Amy Lockwood

Corporations suing our government. Chemicals in our food. Our NHS sold off to private companies. This is what’s at risk from a new set of trade deals being planned by the government – unless we step in now.

This Saturday morning, a group of 38 Degrees members will meet government minister Liam Fox, who is in charge of trade deals after Brexit. They’ll tell him that they want Britain’s trade deals to be agreed by a proper vote in Parliament – not behind closed doors with shady lobbyists.

On Saturday, they’ll hand Liam Fox a huge petition to prove that thousands of us don’t want Brexit trade deals done in secret. There are just 36 hours till the meeting. Will you add your name right now? Click here and your name will be added automatically.
Here’s the petition text:

Dear Liam Fox, trade minister,
Be transparent about all future trade deals, including CETA. Negotiations should take place openly, with all key texts available to the public.
Subject all trade deals to democratic approval – either a binding vote in Parliament or a referendum.

Big businesses are already starting to lobby Liam Fox. They’ve had drinks receptions and private meetings. Now, it’s our turn to be heard.

Trading with other countries makes us richer and shows the world what Britain has to offer. But trade deals are too important to be left to politicians to agree in secret. That’s why 38 Degrees members have been crowd-sourcing a vision for how the UK can thrive after Brexit, covering everything from trade to protecting our NHS.

When trade deals go wrong, they’re catastrophic. They can water down the laws that protect our food and environment. They can give corporations the power to sue our government if they don’t like our laws. And all too often, they’re agreed in backroom meetings with business lobbyists – not in Parliament, where all of us can see what’s happening.

If you think trade deals shouldn’t be agreed in secret meetings, please will you add your name to the petition right now? It only takes 10 seconds.

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