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Dec 12th, 2016

Update: Save the Art Gallery at Edinburgh Royal Botanic Gardens

By Nicole G

This is incredible. Nearly 10,000 of us signed the petition to stop the art gallery in the Botanic gardens, Edinburgh, being closed. Together we told the Gardens’ management to save the gallery – a place for everyone to enjoy in the heart of Edinburgh.

And people-power is working. Because we spoke in our thousands – Fiona Hyslop, the Scottish Government’s culture minister, has put together a ‘working group’ to meet with the funders and gardens’ management to sort this mess out.

This is our opportunity to come together – one more time – to say exactly why the gallery should be reopened and show how important the gallery is to the people of Edinburgh.

So, can you take this quick survey now to tell Fiona Hyslop MSP why you care about the gallery?

Have your say

Right now the gallery’s locked up and closed to the public – unless the working group decides to give it another chance and open its doors again – it’ll stay shut for good.

The gallery was loved and enjoyed by so many people. It may have been the first gallery you ever visited, it may have inspired you or your children or friends.

Here’s what some other 38 Degrees members are saying:

‘The gardens themselves are a haven of peace and beauty but a visit to the gallery, especially on a day when the sun streams in, is the ‘icing on the cake’. – Marion

“I have many fond memories of visiting … I hope that it will be open for future generations to do the same.” – Neil

“Inverleith House is a tremendous place for exhibitions … One of my favourite places to see art in the city!” – Kath

Just imagine Fiona Hyslop’s reaction when she’s flooded with all of our stories and messages about just how precious this gallery is. Our stories will make sure the people who care about it are front and centre when the group sit down to decide what to do next.

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