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Jan 16th, 2017

Your Views on the Brexit Think Tanks’ Report

By Nicole G

This is a slightly unusual 38 Degrees email. But right now there’s a rare opportunity for us to shape how Brexit unfolds.

Brexit is a huge change and the stakes are very high. There’s a lot of debate about how best to do it. So a group of “think tanks” – experts who have the government’s ear – have pooled their ideas together. And before they publish their plan for how they think Brexit should work, they want to know what we think.

Normally these experts don’t consult the public. They do their research in Westminster offices, a quick walk from the politicians they advise. This is a unique chance for us to directly influence what they say.

Whether we voted Leave, Remain or didn’t vote at all, our opinions matter and should be part of the discussion. And right now sharing our views could mean we get to shape the ideas these experts take to Theresa May and her senior officials.

This won’t take long. Just click through to see what the experts are saying (there’s an optional 50-second video) then take a quick survey to say whether you agree or not.

Share views on it all

Share views on immigration

Share views on trade

Share views on security

The 38 Degrees DIY Brexit plan has got us lots of attention. These experts from think tanks say they want to hear from us because they know we care about Brexit, that we have great ideas, and that we are willing to find common ground no matter how we voted.

In the next few months, Theresa May will have to start firming up her own Brexit plan. That provides us with an urgent, important opportunity – to speak up for the kind of future we want to see, a positive, hopeful version of Brexit that works for everyone. By giving these experts feedback on their plan, we are getting our views in front of a very influential group of people.

So, please take a few minutes to see what the think tanks are saying, and then complete a quick survey about whether or not you agree with them.

PS: The survey responses will be shared with the think tanks, but none of your personal information will – you’ll remain totally anonymous.

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