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Jan 30th, 2017

Help Fund Top Lawyers to Defeat Trump’s Ban: ACLU Fundraiser

By Nicole G

Donald Trump is trying to ban Muslims from entering America. Over the weekend, his new rules meant people who have the right to live in America were pulled off planes and stopped from entering the country they live in, simply because of where they were born.

But not even Trump is above the law, and his plan has been forced to a halt thanks to a crack team of lawyers. It’s an embarrassing defeat for Trump on his first week on the job – but it’s only temporary.

There are huge legal battles ahead. If they go the right way, they could stop families from being torn apart, and stop the worst of Trump’s plans. There are lawyers with the talent and knowledge to win, but they’re going to need money. That’s where we come in.

Please can you chip in now to help fund top lawyers to defeat Trump? Donating takes two minutes, even if you’re on your phone:






This weekend shocked the world. People were held for hours in airports, people were trapped in limbo in other countries, and parents were separated from their children. All because of where they were born, or their religion. In response, lawyers rushed to airports and offered their services for free – often using the floor as their temporary office.

One of the organisations behind Trump’s first defeat is the American Civil Liberties Union. They’re experts in protecting the rights of ordinary people. Their track record includes taking on the KKK, exposing torture and standing up for freedom of speech. It was the ACLU who persuaded a judge to block Trump’s ban late on Saturday night.

Many of us are scared about what’s happening in America, and it’s easy to feel powerless. But this our chance to stand up against tyranny, discrimination and injustice. It’s a chance to be on the right side of history. None of us could take Trump to court by ourselves. But together, we can get behind the world’s best lawyers who are challenging his decisions – and we can win.

Where Will the Money Go?
The 38 Degrees staff team will identify organisations – including the ACLU – who have strong plans for fighting Trump’s dangerous plans, and who are in need of more funds to do it. Then, the staff team will run background checks to make sure that they have fair and honest financial procedures, so we know the money will be used well. Please will you chip in? https://link.38degrees.org.uk/donate-to-stop-trump

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