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Jan 31st, 2017

Social Care Funding

By Nicole G

When you’re old and frail, you should be able to get the care you need to live out your days with dignity. You’ve worked hard and paid your taxes – now it’s your turn to be looked after. But the government is starving the care system of cash. Right now too many elderly people aren’t getting the help they need to get dressed, wash, or eat their lunch.

The government’s trying to wash their hands of the problem: the minister in charge just said it’s up to families to look after elderly parents. But that’s rarely the whole solution, and in some cases that’s simply not possible.

A huge petition demanding better care for older people is a first step to show the government they can’t shirk their responsibility. We expect them to fix this crisis – and fast.

Can you add your name to the petition now? It only takes 30 seconds:


Of course, lots of us want to help care for our parents in their old age. But as 38 Degrees member Mary put it:

“What happens if you don’t have children? Or if your children are working full time, have a young family to care for, and no spare room for an elderly parent?”

The reality is most families are already trying their best. And if an elderly relative lives hundreds of miles away, it’s nearly impossible for their family to take care of them on their own. The solution is clear: more funding is desperately needed to make sure there are enough carers to look after everyone properly.

P.S. As well as older people being left lonely and vulnerable, this crisis makes our hospitals less safe too. Older people are forced to stay in hospital beds for longer because there’s no one else to look after them – putting even more pressure on the NHS. When the government refuses to give social care the money it needs, we all lose out in more ways than one. Please sign the petition now: http://link.38degrees.org.uk/social-care-funding

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