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Mar 10th, 2017

Karen Bradley – Stop Murdoch taking over Sky

By Rachel Whalley

We’ve got less than five days to throw a spanner into Rupert Murdoch’s plan to take over Sky. If his takeover goes through, he will have total control over what’s beamed into 22 million homes.

Together, we’re piling on the pressure to stop his power-grab. It’s working: Karen Bradley, the minister in charge of newspapers and TV, said she’s thinking of launching an investigation into the takeover. So let’s make sure she follows through.

Here’s the plan. If each of us chip in a few pounds now, we can get a giant advert in a national newspaper, pay for vans with big billboards driving around Westminster, and get wall-to-wall adverts all over the internet to make sure Karen Bradley gets the message from 318,000 of us: Murdoch can’t take over Sky.

It’s bold, but it won’t come cheap. We need to raise £50,000 today, to get the ads up by Monday. Can you chip in to make sure Karen Bradley stops Murdoch’s takeover?

Here’s what the newspaper advert might look like:


Chip in here.

Last time Murdoch tried to take over Sky, it was public opposition that sank his chances. Now, he’s hoping we’ve forgotten his past dodgy dealings. But we’re proving him wrong: over 318,000 of us have signed the petition asking for an investigation into the takeover deal.

Imagine Karen Bradley coming into work at Westminster on Monday and seeing our giant billboard right outside her department. Then stepping into her office and reading her newspaper, only to see a full page advert asking her to stand up to Murdoch’s deal. Plastering our message everywhere will make it hard to miss – and it’d be the latest blow to Murdoch’s chances.

But we need to raise the money first. If each of us chips in just £5 in 24 hours, we’d raise everything we need – in one go. So will you chip in? Murdoch certainly won’t thank you for it!

Chip in here.

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