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Apr 3rd, 2017

Save CERT Charity

By Rachel Whalley

Flood victims in Cumbria could lose help they rely on. A local charity called CERT UK has been helping people to return to their homes and reopen their businesses since last year’s “Storm Desmond”. But CERT UK could run out of money in a matter of weeks.

Kerryanne works for CERT UK, and is worried that people will lose a vital lifeline. Every day she provides donated furniture to people who lost theirs in the floods, and sends out volunteers to fix damaged homes. So she’s started a campaign asking the Minister in charge of responding to floods, Therese Coffey, to provide the government funding that CERT UK needs.

Therese Coffey has stood up for Cumbria’s flood victims before. Last year, she immediately intervened when Cumbria hadn’t received the government funding it was promised. If enough of us sign the petition, we can convince her to to step in again to keep CERT UK running.

If you believe that flood victims should not be forgotten, please sign Kerryanne’s petition. It only takes a minute:

Sign the petition here.

After their home was flooded, Graham and Kathryn Coleman were helped by CERT UK. This is what they had to say:

“We can’t thank the volunteers enough. They helped us even on Boxing Day to clean our home and save some of our belongings”

If each of us adds our voices to this campaign, CERT UK will be able to help others like Graham and Kathryn.

38 Degrees members believe that nobody should face devastating floods without help. That’s why so many of us chipped in to help the hardest hit by Storm Desmond. But the consequences of floods are still being felt, and we shouldn’t let the spring sun fool us – there’s a chance that Cumbria could be hit by floods again.

Will you add your name to Kerryanne’s petition to make sure that the Government steps in now?

Sign the petition here.

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