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May 18th, 2017

Protect Sherwood Forest

By Rachel Whalley

In a matter of weeks, Sherwood Forest, Britain’s most famous woodland, could be at risk. A huge energy company called Ineos wants to explore underneath it to frack for gas. Unless thousands of us get involved, Sherwood Forest could be filled with spluttering lorries, heavy machinery and explosions by June.

Right now, the Forestry Commission – the government agency in charge of our forests – are deciding whether to give this dirty plan the green light. They’re not used to being in the spotlight, and they’ll want to avoid causing a stir. That means we’ve a real chance of convincing them to stop the plans.

Imagine the scene when a huge petition is delivered right to their door, signed with thousands of names. It could give Forestry Commission bosses the push they need to protect Sherwood Forest and stand up to Ineos, who’ll be using every trick in the book to get the go ahead.

Fracking for gas doesn’t just ruin our ancient landscapes. Burning gas keeps us pumping dangerous pollution into the air that causes climate change, and endangers the future of everything on earth.  

But 38 Degrees members have proved time and again that big business is no match for people power. When our National Parks were at risk of being sold to private companies, we came together in our thousands and made sure our ancient landscapes stayed open to all. And pressure from thousands of us stopped Ineos’ original exploration plans in Sherwood Forest in their tracks.  

But now they’re back and trying to find sneaky new ways to get what they want. Ineos want to start exploring underneath Sherwood Forest next month. So the Forestry Commission haven’t got long left to decide. If thousands of us sign the petition today, the public pressure could force them to listen.

Will you sign the petition to protect Britain’s most famous forest? The more of us who do, the stronger our voice will be:

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