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Jun 1st, 2017

38 Degrees and Professor John

By Usman

Since the election, 38 Degrees members have been busy all over the country trying to get as many people as possible to vote on June 8th (you can see more here). We wanted to make sure that we were having an impact and learning as much as we could about what makes potential voters tick.

38 Degrees is working with Professor Peter John, a Professor of Political Science and Public Policy at UCL, to help us measure the effect of our work. He is going to help 38 Degrees work out what more we can do to encourage people to use their vote.


“As a professor of politics, I’m helping 38 Degrees in an expert capacity. I’ve run many voter turnout drives before and found that generally, contacting people like 38 Degrees are doing encourages people to vote. By using expert experimental techniques, we can understand the impact that getting out and speaking to potential voters can have.”

With Professor John helping us out, we will not only be able to drive up the number of voters in key constituencies (like Bath and Hove) for this election, but also for future elections, in order to ensure that as many people as possible use their right to vote.


1) Check out Professor John’s page here: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/political-science/people/academic/peter-john

2) If you’re still unsure how you are going to vote, use the voter advice quiz to match up your opinions with the manifestos of the major parties: http://38degrees.ge2017.com/quiz


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